Trattoria toscana in San Lorenzo

Trattoria Vecchio Mercato

Flavors and scents of typical Tuscan cuisine
in the heart of the historic center of Florence



The Trattoria Vecchio Mercato in Florence encloses in its name the essence of the square in which it is located: secrets and wonders of a meeting place of historical Florentine characters and merchants, teeming with local tales and anecdotes. As you enter our trattoria in the center of Florence, we want you to relive and rediscover that folklore of flavors, fragrances and colors that have always told of the excellence of Tuscan cuisine thanks to ingredients that are the purest expression of our territory and the real and genuine food.

Tuscan cuisine, after all, is like a bag of confetti: cheerful and full of colors, and we use only the freshest raw materials to help you discover the ancient tradition of the dishes of our land.

To achieve all this we have a secret ingredient: our family world, a cozy and familiar environment where you will feel at home.

Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic restaurant or a family where your children feel good, the Vecchio Mercato trattoria is the right place. Your four-legged friends are also welcome, for any dog or cat we have the right place to rest next to you during your meals.


A food and wine experience made of the most authentic flavors and aromas of our territory. An unmissable opportunity to taste the excellence of typical Tuscan cuisine in the city center of Florence

Cucina tipica toscana Firenze



Typical Tuscan cuisine

Our typical trattoria in the center of Florence will delight you with its cuisine inspired by the most typical dishes of the Tuscan food and wine tradition, a cuisine made of the freshest raw materials rigorously selected by our staff to offer you only the best. 

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The must? Our steak

There are three important factors to make the steak experience in Florence unique: marbling, maturation, and cooking. To offer you the absolute best Florentine steak, we select sirloins with the most marbling and a maturation of no less than 40 days.  

We do not presume to say that ours is the best steak, we leave the judgment to you.

Ampia scelta di vini Trattoria Vecchio Mercato

In vino veritas ...

It is known, the right wine enhances the dish, generating better, different or new sensations of high quality and pleasantness. We will guide you in choosing the most suitable bottle to accompany the meal, so that your lunch or dinner can be a perfect sensory experience for you.

They say to


"The interior of the restaurant is very quaint and cozy, we had lunch on the outdoor terrace fortunately covered, excellent the tagliata di scottona, tasty the ravioli with butter and truffle. Too bad about the cheesecake good but the base should have been crispier, top I cantucci with vinsanto"