“Whatever is opposed is reconciled, and from different things is born the most beautiful harmony.” (Heracletus)

When a dish is properly matched with its most appropriate wine, a harmony is reached in the flavours they offer, each complementing and enhancing the other, generating new, improved, different sensations of taste and enjoyment. In order to achieve this, we need to be familiar with the particular characteristics of both the food and the wine: harmony may be achieved through both contrast and congruence. Where food and wine are successfully combined a wonderful balance is achieved between the components of the dish and the characteristics of the wine - an art form in itself!

It is our function to choose the right wine for your food choice to make sure that you have the perfect dining experience. We offer our guests a wine list specifically designed with our menu in mind featuring the most well-known labels in the Tuscan region and beyond.

“Wine brings a smile to friendship and a spark to love.” E. De Amicis