Home-cooked traditional dishes and timeless flavours

At the heart of the Trattoria Vecchio Mercato, we have Adele, owner of the restaurant, married with three children and a life-long passion for food. Adele says “I have ALWAYS loved cooking - and everything to do with hospitality. Ever since I was a child and my parents stood me on a wooden box - so that I could reach the taps - to pretend to wash glasses in their restaurants, I was so enthusiastic. I loved to wander about in the restaurant, carrying bread to the tables where people sat eating, drinking, bathed in the warm glow of the table candles - it was a magical world for me and the spell was cast by the food I saw being prepared so carefully in the kitchen. That enthusiasm never wavered - even on those nights when tired out with my glass-washing, bread-carrying contribution - I would curl up and fall asleep on a chair surrounded by the happy bustle of a roomful of satisfied diners”.


Traditional Tuscan dining dictates that there MUST be “steak” on the menu! There are so many cuts to choose from. We encourage you to go for your own preference from our extensive menu. We are confident we will be able to cook whatever you choose to perfection and have every expectation that you will share our view that it IS perfect - but don’t just take our word for it - try it for yourself!


If you favour bolder flavours, our truffle-based specialities will satisfy even the most demanding palate. Every week the best Tuscan truffle-hunters bring us their finest troves. We would be delighted to share with you the unique experience of opening the freshest of nature’s “treasure chests”.


Inspired by the array of regional produce, our menu offers a range of seafood specialities. Sample the freshest of ingredients from market to table mingled with the best the sea can offer in homely, welcoming surroundings in the Trattoria Vecchio Mercato.

Florentine Steak

“Let’s have steak for dinner” - seems such a simple concept. At Trattoria Vecchio Mercato we take such a suggestion very seriously as choosing the right cut is crucial. We would dearly love anyone who has steak for dinner here to remember it as the best they’ve ever eaten - why not try it and see for yourself?

Enhance your dining experience with wines from our cellar

Being able to choose the best wine to enhance a particular dish is one of the many attributes of the succesful restaurateur; it is an attribute at first guided by rules but honed through time, experience and practice.