Florentine Steak

“Let’s have steak for dinner” - seems such a simple concept. At Trattoria Vecchio Mercato we take such a suggestion very seriously as choosing the right cut is crucial. We would dearly love any one who has steak for dinner here to remember it as the best they’ve ever eaten - why not try it and see for yourself?

The forerunner of our Fiorentine steak is the San Lorenzo carbonata - slices of beef given out to the populace on the feast of San Lorenzo in the Middle Ages. The story goes that some British visitors who attended one of the San Lorenzo feast days were heard talking excitedly about the delicious food they were being given which they called “Beef steak” - and our word “Bistecca” was born! Can’t you just imagine the streets echoing far into the night to the sounds of the revelry as the locals and their British guests sat round huge tables, clinking their wine glasses and feasting delightedly on the delicious “Bistecca/Beefsteak”.

Nowadays at the Trattoria Vecchio Mercato we take three crucial factors into account in our quest for the perfect “Beefsteak/Bistecca”: Marbling, Maturation, Cooking

• marbling refers to the percentage of fat contained in the meat (as evidenced by the white lines visible throughout), the more the meat is marbled, the more tender it will be once cooked
• maturation - the length of time the meat is hung is crucial. The meat is first “dry aged” a process which involves it being stored at a controlled temperature and monitored humidity level. The more time spent “dry aging” the more tender the meat becomes with a much more concentrated flavour
• cooking using traditional methods using no additives of any kind and allowing the meat to simmer in its own juices finishing off with a delicious crunchy and fragrant crust

To make sure our visitors enjoy premium “bistecca” we choose cuts with the greatest marbling and with a maturation of not less than 40 days.